Power & Hard Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specialized in high quality hand tools and various of pliers in Taiwan for more than two decades. Such as crimping tools, steel-wire cutters, cable cutters, steel-rope cutters, linesman pliers, long nose pliers and bend nose pliers, etc. We are not only making our own brand: Flying fish, but also the customerized. In particular, we have Patent on our products.To enhance product torque and hardness, we use vacuum furnaces for the heat treatment of our all hand tools and pliers, the structure is more stronger and stable than the tra ... {read more}

What's New

1. TPV (2017/04/24)

TPV is a ready to use thermoplastic elastomer that has been vulcanized and has the following characteristics:

Rubber-like: low compression set, good elasticity recovery, anti-slip, nice touch. 

Recyclability: green and environmentally friendly material.

Easy processing: TPV can be processed on...(Read More)

Product Categories

Terminal Crimping Pliers PHM Series

High-Leverage Terminal Crimping Pliers

Linesman Pliers

High-Leverage Linesman Pliers

Long Nose Pliers

Long Nose Pliers(U.S.A. TYPE)

Diagonal Pliers

Diagonal Pliers for Electronic

Brake Pliers

Japan-Type Brake Pliers (Outer Straight Type)

Pipe Clamp

Short Pipe Clamp

Cable Cutters

17"Steel-Wire Cutters & Cable Cutter (with PAT)

Glass Cutters Pliers

Glass Cutters Pliers

Cable Stripper

Multifunctional Cable Stripper

Multifunction Series

Bolt extractor

End Cutting Nippers

End Cutting Nippers

Flat Nose Pliers

Jewelry Flat Nose Pliers

European Handle

USA-type Electronic cable stripper diagonal pliers (European Handle)

Corrugated Sheet Cutters / Heavy Duty Wire Cutters

Heavy duty diagonal side cutting pliers


Contact Information

Address:No. 92, Lane 102, Tahsi Rd., Sec. 1, Chungchu Li, Hsihu Towni, Changhua County, Taiwan 514